Who is at High Risk for Foodborne Illness?

Pregnant women

Young children

Older adults

People with weakened immune systems or certain chronic illnesses

Take Control of Home Food Safety

Wash hands often

Keep raw meats and ready-to-eat foods separate

Cook to proper temperature

Refrigerate promptly below 400 F

Checklist for A Clean Kitchen


Work surfaces


Towels and dishcloths


Wash Your Hands More Often

Before you

Handle or prepare food

Eat meals

Feed children

After you

Prepare food

Touch raw food, especially meats and poultry

Switch food preparation tasks

Touch eggs and egg-rich foods

Use the rest room

Change a diaper

Clean an appliance

Handle garbage or dirty dishes

Smoke a cigarette

Pet animals and scoop animal feces

Use the phone or computer

Touch face, hair, body and other people

Touch a cut or a sore, cough or sneeze

Clean or touch dirty laundry

10 Golden Rules for Safe Food Preparation

  1. Choose foods processed for safety
  2. Cook food thoroughly
  3. Eat cooked foods immediately
  4. Store cooked foods carefully
  5. Reheat cooked foods thoroughly
  6. Avoid contact between raw foods and cooked foods
  7. Wash hands repeatedly
  8. Keep all kitchen surfaces meticulously clean
  9. Protect food from insect, rodents and other animals
  10. Use safe water

Should you call your doctor?

When diarrhea is bloody

When diarrhea or vomiting is excessive

When these three symptoms all appear (stiff neck, severe headache and fever)

When you suspect illness from C. botulinum or V. vulnificus

When the victim is at high risk (a young child, an elderly person, someone whose immune system is compromised due to illness)

When symptoms persist longer than three days

What do you do if you suspect foodborne illness?

Call or see a medical professional

Report the incident to your local health department

If you are reporting the incident, try to preserve the suspected food


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